On-site Treatment Made Easy


Quality Care Brought To You

A key benefit of Special Care is that high-quality treatment is delivered right in the long term care community - eliminating the stress and cost of transporting residents to offsite offices. Through a combination of the best clinical teams and most advanced technology, Special Care can deliver a broad range of treatment safely and efficiently on-site.

Your Single Point of Contact

Special Care is your one stop source for many vital services, such as dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and audiology for residents of long term care communities. We make it easy for residents to get needed care while saving community staff precious time and effort. Providing the very best care on a regular basis enables the community staff to focus on their jobs while we focus on ours.

Focused on You

By specializing in residents of long term care communities, Special Care has unique programs, such as our one day dentures, that are of particular benefit to such residents. We make sure detailed records of treatment and plans are provided to the community staff to make sure they are informed and their compliance needs met.


Residents come first...period! By providing a caring attitude and approach to the delivery of care, we ensure their residents remain our top priority. We care about our communities and understand their desire to provide the very best care to their residents.

Our Care Coordinators work with community staff to ensure residents are seen by our professional clinical teams on a regular basis.

We deliver on-site care to residents of living care communities using high quality portable equipment and technology. Our focus is on the health of the patient.

Our providers are carefully selected based on experience, concern for the resident, and proximity to our communities. Every professional must meet stringent credentialling requirements.